3D Cake Specialist


Hi, I’m Rhiannon!


I am the owner of Rhi Rhi’s Cakes by Design.

If you are finding yourself here because you’re looking to see examples of Rhi Rhi’s Cakes by Design, so 1. Welcome and 2. Thank you! It means the world to me that you are thinking of allowing me to make your next cake.

Get to know Rhi Rhi

I live on the west side of Indianapolis, Indiana, and am a self-taught home baker. I started out doing cupcakes, for extra money and just as something to do…I needed a hobby! After awhile of baking cupcakes, I was asked to do a theme cake, so I tried it, and fell in love! I live for theme cakes!! I’ve been at it consistently now for 3 years and have no plans on slowing down! Not one bit.

I even enrolled in a class that taught me how to make my own fondant and decorations in royal icing, other than that, I’m totally self-taught (Crazy, I know!). I currently serve the entire metro Indianapolis area and local suburbs. I am looking into ways to begin shipping Rhi Rhi’s Cakes by Design to long-distance customers. Although Rhi Rhi’s Cakes by Design is my passion, I still work a full-time job so that means I’m limited to how many orders I can book on a weekly basis. (So if you’re thinking about ordering a cake, book early!) 🙂

Someday, I hope to turn Rhi Rhi’s Cakes by Design into a full-time commitment, and dedicate the time I used to spend at work to building my brand and expanding into other cities in the Midwest, and across the nation.

Booking with Rhi Rhi’s Cakes by Design

Check out my contact page for ways to get in touch with me and get your cake order in! Normally, I’m booked at least a week in advance, so although I will always try to accommodate last minute requests, those requests may not always be guaranteed. I like to say, “The sooner you get your order in, the better. It’s never too early.” Thanks for stopping by Rhi Rhi’s Cakes by Design and I look forward to connecting with you!